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his is something which has always startled me. In this modern era it has all become a brand war.

So what is a Brand? And most importantly what signifies it? Does being a Brand Signify Your Business as that of Premium Class or is it just another Marketing Tactic.

Well as far as its History is concerned the Term Brand itself is derived from the Nordic Word Brandi = To Burn.

Merchants used burn their Mark into Products and Cattle, So that others can differentiate the product from these.

Thus began the history of Branding. The purpose though was always extraordinary measures to create a Distinction Between different Businesses.

So According to Merriam Webster:

As Phillip.T.Kotler puts it:

This is what brand means in Business Language, A complete Elixir of any Business Distilled into a logo or Design to signify it.

There is an entire Canyon between this Definition and that in the eyes of Customers.

There is an entire Canyon between this Definition and that in the eyes of Customers.
In the Eyes of Average Buyers and Customers Brands Signify:

Status Symbol.
It basically signifies a better buy. So this is the Stark Reality that what a Buyers Expects when they acquire your Brand.

Zegatron and ZegaBrands Model:

An organization which States Thankfulness, Performance Recognition, Trust as the Foundations of its Business Mechanism has Certainly checked every single Requirement on Customers List for Quality Brands.

Zegatron after analyzing the dismal abuse of the word Brand by Guerrilla Marketers decided to take the Initiative of Creating a Brand Analyzing Model of its Own.

So what are Metrics which make a business a Zega-Brand?

Socially Aware.
Co-operative rather Competitive.
This is what makes you “THE BRAND” rather being just a Brand.

1. Socially Aware.

2. Humble.

3. Trustworthy.

4. Truthful.

5. Innovative.

A business which Believes in Mutual Growth

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